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This sounds soooo good to be true The Bry Email Jedi or whatever you call yourself 😒

So you're one of those folks huh??…

Fair Nuff.

So I guess you leave me no choice but to use my Jedi Convincing (with some persuasion secrets) Power to SUCK you in my world of Ecom Emails.

Let me introduce…

The Email Jedi’s

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter

So here are some reasons why you should join my world.

Level 1

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter level 1

😒 ← Right now, I can see you making that face.

That’s fine.

At the end of this page, you’ll be convinced to join my list.

I hope so… 

I’m still crossing my fingers that you’ll do LMAOOO 😂

If you join my world today, you’ll get exclusive content that you can’t get anywhere else.

And what’s in it for you?

Yeah, I know.

I always ask that myself too while subscribing to some other copywriter’s list.

Well, I choose the people that have access to my inbox.

That is why…

I will treat your inbox the same way I treat mine.
(that’s all I can promise)

First off!! Your email will never be shared.

It’s for my eyes only.

Plus, you’ll not get an email that’s not worth your time (at least in my opinion).

I barely read any emails in my inbox

Gmail inbox showing over 65,000 unread emails

That’s a lot I know and I assumed you’ve got that kind of inbox as well, welcome to our world of email copywriting 🎉


But there are some nice and awesome people’s emails that I read often.

I’ll be that “nice and ohh-some people”. <- that’s for sure.


Ohh still here?

So you’re not yet convinced?

Well, don’t take my word for it.

I’ll let other people have to say about my emails;

You have a good flow.

forget about him calling me ‘coach’ 😅

The next email I got was great!

yeah, I know my emails are great LOL, that’s what I’m telling you all this time, can’t you see?

Yes! I received your welcome emails and I love to read them. Looking forward on more tips from you!

that’s just the welcome email, what’s more about the rest of the series plus my daily emails 😉

Ang husay po, tunay nga mas masaya magbasa pag may kwento

ang lalim naman nung ‘ang husay’--  pwede namang “ang galing” lang ih, nilaliman tlaga? 🤣 …but that email? It’s just the tip of the iceberg ika nga. What’s more if you’ve got more of this emails? Hmm 😜

Please subscribe me to your list.

Yeah! That’s a valentines email… while everyone is planning and preparing for their date... I still hit that ze’ mighty ‘send’ 😝

I want to learn from you, Email Jedi!

When you don’t hold back (and I don’t) about giving and sharing what you know? People will raise their hands and ask for more. That’s exactly what you will feel (at least I’m hoping that you will LOL) reading my emails.

I will really read and savor every email that you send me.

Again, don’t mind the part where she’s calling me ‘coach’ LOL 😅 anyhoo… I suggest you subscribe and join my world (aka my list) and get these ‘gems’ in your inbox 😁


Level 2

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter level 2

🤔 <- You might have made me this face now. Right? Right?

Ohh you’re still here. 


I might have a tough crowd today huh?

Well, I kinda expect this anyway 😂

That’s totally fine.

I can just go on… Right? Right?


You might be thinking… 

Who the hell is this Bry again?

Well, I’m not your regular guy you know.

I’m a Jedi.

The Email Jedi to be exact 🤭

Bryan with baby girl

I wake up, Write eCom Emails (for a living), eat, babysit my little girl, and sleep.

But since I have my team managing all my client work.

I’m kinda ‘called’ to share what I know and help people who are interested in making a living writing eCom emails.

…and if you’ll join my world.

You’ll be one of these folks who have the one-in-a-million chance to learn from me.

Well, just like I’ve said.

I made sure that every email I send will help you 1% better, remember?

But again, don’t ALL my word for it… coz you know I’m a little biased sometimes (and most of the time 😜).

Well, who doesn’t??

Let these folks convince you that I’m walking the walk and talking the talk;

Thanks to Bryan in guiding me to figure things out.He showed me lots of great insights and ideas.Thanks for helping me resolve the issue on setting up email flows.Been using his SSS framework in writing copy for an ecommerce brand and it worksI now have new and improved mindset on how to seize opportunities.What Bryan did was he made it ten times easier for us to decide what to write about in our emails.If you need a simple and easy to follow framework, the Jedi Ecom Email Framework is for you.There's one trick I learned from Email Jedi Bryan Bernabe to lessen the tediuos process of research.Shoutout to Bryan Bernabe's webinar on how to write killer daily ecom emails.A big thank you to Bryan for being generous in sharing what you know.

Ohh you want more?? Really?

Oh yeah, baby.

I got more.

Thanks so much for the value bomb tips. Highly recommend this email copywriting jedi!Simple but solidSimple and not boringWriting doesn't have to be complicated and there are simple frameworks to followBryan wrote the emails for a shampoo bar brand and helped bring in close to $200,000 in just 10 days

You see, I have a team to manage, a client to serve.

My time is limited just like you.


I have a little girl and a wife whom I loved so much.

Both need (and want) my FULL attention or it will be a war LOL.

Bryan with wife and baby

So as much as possible I spend less and less working so I can spend more and more on these 2 extraordinary ladies here

Bryan's wife and baby

Pro tip: Spend less time on things that you think are not important (or stuff that not making you money) and spend more on the things that put money in your pocket.

So you can spend that money to buy you time, so you CAN spend that precious time with the most precious people in your life.

So why don’t you join my world and learn how I did it?

Did what?

You forgot about it already???

Shame on you 😄

How to focus on the things that will put money in your pocket (getting and working with clients), buying extra time (building your team or outsourcing it to other people)...

...and of course, enjoy your day-to-day with the most important people in your life

Join my world and I promise I’ll spill all the beans in every email you’ll get from me


Level 3

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter level 3

😕  <-You might be having this right now.

We’re moving forward here, don’t you think? Once you get into my world you’ll get a VIP *feels* of all the behind-the-scenes that is happening and all the things I (and my team) are working on;

  • All the tests we’re currently doing and of course, how you can implement it in your clients (or soon-to-be clients).
  • How you'll get 1% better writing eCom emails.
  • Sneak peek and behind the scene of “The Secret Life of The Email Jedi" who writes eCom emails for a living".
  • Star wars spoilers!! (sorry 😅)
  • My morning coffy (that’s coffee + copy) stories.
  • Some of my lame jokes LOL (a warning tho: I might offend you at some point)
  • My  *uncensored* conversations with my best wife evaah or what I call “The wifey-serye” <- this is the best if you ask me 😁 it can be life-changing sometimes.


My personal process of writing emails.

Well, Since I have an amazing team that’s doing the writing part for my clients, I barely write a word but…

Yeah, there’s always this BUT…

I’ll still share with you everything I learn, especially when I start out.

And how you can get 1% better each day writing at writing eCom emails.

Here are some of the things I did to get better;

Notebook pages with handwriting

That’s my notebook where I hand-copy emails every single day

You see, there’s no better way to get better at writing than actually sitting down and writing.

A grid of dozens of text files
Yep…yep… I tried that write your way every morning to officially start my day
Email content ideas in Evernote app

I don't have a small notebook before so when do I have an email idea??? I just grab my phone and just write everything… it’s good to have a small notebook that I can grab anytime whenever I am

But there’s a problem.

Yeah, I know.

There’s a point that you don’t know what to write.

You stare at this devil for hours and hours…

Blank Google document

Staring at that blinking ‘vertical line’? …thinking about what to write?? I know that exact feeling, believe me, I know. I’ve been there… 😭

Until you decide to try writing tomorrow maybe you've got an idea to write about.

So you stand up frustrated and thinking…

Maybe you’re not a writer

I’ll tell you what…

It’s not your fault.

Believe me…

You don’t have the write (or I should say ‘right’? What evahh) system and process yet.

Here’s a fact.

You are a writer.


You are a highly paid email writer.

It just needs some time. But you are already a highly paid writer.

How did I know?

I’m also where you are right now.

Struggling to write and struggling to earn writing.

But things change for me.

…and it will for you.

And the fact that you are here…

Things will START to change for you as well.

So I suggest you join my world and I’ll help you manifest the life you want and make a living writing eCom emails.

Every email you’ll get from me will help you get closer to that dream life of yours.

Join my world and be that highly paid email writer you always dreamed


But wait.

There's more LOL

  • I’ll also share with you everything I know about working with (and managing) clients.
  • How I talk to them as well as how I turn those casual talks into a premium fee monthly project.

Again, once you’re inside?

  • You’ll get behind the scene + VIP access to my email inbox where I’ll share with you some of our conversations (this is a secret tho coz it’s highly confidential stuff, you know *wink*).
  • and how to treat them and how to make them feel I cared (coz I genuinely am) that they’re happy to pay me a monthly based fee just to talk to and want me to be around with them on a weekly and monthly basis.

Here are some clients have to say about the emails I’ve written for them

this email is pretty goodlove the emails, thank youit means a lot that you're helping with thispleasure to be working with you

Join my list and learn how you can make your client fall in love with every email you write for them


Level 4

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter level 4

🤩  <- I hope you’re having that face to this point, I’m still crossing my fingers LOL

I'm not a boring stud here (duh!!).

Well, if you are still here that proves it right?

Well, if I’m a boring stud….

You’ll not be wasting your time reading anything on this page.

But since (or maybe) you find my writing interesting that made you stick up to this point.

So I will make sure you get rewarded for sticking (more on that later on this page).

Maybe it’s my lame jokes or maybe my positive and enthusiastic vibe.

Well, that’s for you to decide LOL.

If there’s one thing that makes me different form other folks  in your inbox is I can make you have a nice laugh or at least make you smile in every email you will get from me.

It’s not a hard comedy but I’m sure it will be… 

The Highlight of your Day.

Plus you’ll get 1% better each email I send you.

You see I love comedy and having a nice laugh.

I think each one of us needs to smile more and laugh more OFTEN.

With everthing that happens around us.

We ALL should take a break and just laugh for at least five minutes.

We have 1, 440 minutes in one day.

So why don’t we spend at least 1% of it just smiling and laughing?

If you can do more that’s even better.

That’s why I’m suggesting…

YOU join my world and have the most interesting yet full of tips that will help you make a living writing eCom emails.

I’ll promise you that you will be having a nice laugh (or at least make you smile) while you get 1% better writing eCom emails every single day.



That ends us with the #5. <- the last reason why you must join my list.

Level 5

The Email Jedi's convincing power o meter level 5

😍 <- Right now, you should be having that face. Well I hope you are lol

This is the last reason (and the last chance) to join my list.

We’ve come to the most exciting part eh.

How do I get 1% better in every email you send Bry?

Well, that’s a great question, to be honest.

Here’s why.

Coz in every email, I send (fine, fine you win, MOST of my emails) I will force you to take action and implement what you learn from the email.

You see, there’s no point that you just know something.

As Earl Nightingale told me;

Ideas are WORTHLESS without action.

So the only way to make you move is to get you moving.

Whhattttt??? 😅

Here’s how I teach people even in my paid content.

Yeah, even if you don’t pay on this one.

You’ll get a first-hand experience of learning from me and get results in just my free emails alone.

and that’s how I teach even in my team who manage all my client tasks.

I share with you the principle behind then I’ll get you to put it into practice and I’ll give you the exact thing to do to execute everything right after you read an email.

So expect that every email you will be getting from me is you’ve got something to do and get you to take action.

If you ever subscribe. Only if you only do.

I apologize in advance.

If you think about it. 

It's important to get moving too to get results.

That alone is better than the other email course that you paid for.

believe me not?

Totally fine.

Don't take my word for it.

  1. Subscribe!!! 
  2. Consume my week’s worth of emails. 
  3. take the needed action 
  4. and I’m pretty sure that you’ll get all the clarity you need and the result you want 

That alone will prove that I'm a real deal.

It's something you won't find in other paid courses.

Join my list and have the first-hand experience to learn directly from me